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Mission and Vision

District Mission Statement

In the Penfield Central School District, we work collaboratively to create a welcoming environment where students and staff feel safe and supported. We are committed to providing an excellent education focused on equitable experiences that develop the individual and diverse talents and abilities of all students. We prepare students for success as life-long learners and contributing, responsible citizens. 

District Vision Statement

Penfield Schools will be inclusive communities where all stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, parents, and community) are engaged in teaching and learning that focuses on the whole student. Our schools will provide a welcoming and affirming environment that encourages acceptance, respectful communication, and a positive mindset. Our schools will be collaborative spaces where students and adults are given opportunities to discover the joys, challenges, and satisfactions of learning. 

  • Educational Excellence Learners will be challenged to achieve highest academic standards in order to maximize their potential for life success.
  • Personal Excellence Learners will be challenged to develop their unique talents and abilities in order to maximize their potential for personal fulfillment.
  • Lifelong inquiry Learners will commit themselves to the search for understanding, to inquire responsibly, to evaluate critically, and to respond compassionately throughout their lives.
  • Partnerships in a global community Learning will extend outside our classrooms and the walls of our schools, utilizing partnerships and cultural resources that reflect an awareness and collaboration with communities, locally and globally.
  • Empowerment to embrace change Learners will be engendered with a sense of flexibility and adaptability so that they will be empowered to create their own futures, making a difference in their lives and in the communities in which they live.

Core Beliefs

  • All students have the inherent desire and capacity to develop their unique potentials. Providing the leadership and resources for learning is the shared responsibility of families, students, teachers and community.
  • Learning happens best in a safe environment, which respects the individual, values diversity and encourages effort.
  • Learning results from engagement in relevant, purposeful activities. That learning occurs is more important than when it occurs.

Core Commitments

  • All students belong to all of us.
  • We treat each other with honesty, dignity and respect.
  • Positive collaboration, cooperation and communication characterize our professional lives.