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Parent Resources 

Parent Resources

Please click on the links below for links to Zoom sessions and materials from recent presentations.

  • In collaboration with SEPTA, Jessica Harrington, M.S CCC-SLP PC, will present an overview of different speech and language disorders and ways to support them.  She will cover areas such as receptive, expressive, and pragmatic areas, as well as apraxia, dysarthria, articulation, phonological processes, oral motor, feeding/swallowing, and central auditory processing.

    Click here for the Zoom Presentation (Passcode: DG0*Q=Pb)

  • Lynn Cole, DNP, RN, PPCNP-BC, Director of Clinical Services for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, will share information on medications commonly used by children and adolescents with disabilities in the treatment of challenging behaviors, ASD, ADHD, anxiety, and other conditions. The presentation will also address the processes involved in prescribing and managing medications, and the importance of the medical provider-family-school partnership. 

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  • Dennis Kuo, MD, Division Chief of Developmental and d Behavioral Pediatrics at University of Rochester Medical Center and steering committee member/author of the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)’s “Blueprint for Change” will share about the framework to advance a vision that children and youth with special healthcare needs (CYSHCN) enjoy a full life and thrive in systems that (1) support their families and their social, health, and emotional needs, and (2) ensure dignity, autonomy, independence, and active participation in their communities. Dr. Kuo is an expert in family-professional partnerships and will share how these collaborations can support CYSHCN.

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  • Please click here for the video Presentation.

  • Penfield’s behavior consultation team (Allyson Jordan, PhD; Meghan McGee, MS, BCBA; Christina Mulé, PhD, NCSP; & Valerie Smith, MS, BCBA) will present antecedent strategies that can be used to prevent problem behaviors during the holidays. Use of prevention strategies will help set students, families, and school professionals up for success, helping them to thrive instead of survive.

    Click here for the video Presentation (Passcode: xKMDR0$g)

  • Penfield SEPTA, in collaboration with UR Strong, presents an overview of the Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities' Community Consultation Program.  The Community Consultation Program (CCP) provides evidence-based technical assistance and training to school teams and agencies serving individuals with disabilities or behavioral challenges. 

    Click here to view the video Presentation (Passcode: jX&d0M&r)

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    Click here to review the PPT Presentation

  • Presenter: Eric von Hahn, MD; Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine  

    Dr. von Hahn is the author of “Essential Skills for Struggling Learning: A Framework for Student Support Teams. ”Dr. von Hahn will present an overview of executive skills and how to assess for executive dysfunction in children across the home and school settings. Strategies for learning executive skills and overcoming daily struggles will be shared with attendees. 

    Click here to view the Executive Functioning Presentation

  • Presenter: Christine Nail: RCSD Elementary School Teacher w/a Specialization in Autism Studies, currently finishing a master's program in Inclusive Childhood Education at Nazareth College

    Friendship can be a difficult topic for students and even many adults. How we form friendships can be influenced by our surroundings, how we understand the world, and our neurological differences. Christine Nail studied friendship and loneliness among students diagnosed with autism and presents on understanding friendship ideals and how parents, teachers and school staff can support student friendships among peers. Christine highlights how to support friendship across general and special education environments and specific supports for students on the autism spectrum. 

    The audience for this presentation is all parents and educators who want to improve friendship quality among children. Recommendations will be made for all children but could be especially useful for parents and educators of children with high social communication needs. This is an especially timely topic given the social emotional needs of all students living through a global pandemic.

    Click here for the Presentation on Building Friendships & Positive Peer Relationships

  • Penfield CSD Transition Overview

  • Social Anxiety (MP4 - 338.86 MB)
    Carmen Caruthers, PhD, BCBA and Allyson Jordan, PhD presented on the topic of Anxiety. Presenters are members of the University of Rochester's psychology group in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. This presentation will focus on social anxiety, including reviewing what social anxiety is and factors that may impact how social anxiety presents. Time will be spent talking about treatments for social anxiety, including recommendations for caregivers and teachers and review and discussion of case examples