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Follow-Up Care for the Athlete

  1. Responsibilities of the school nurse after notification of a student's concussion
    The athlete will be instructed to report to the school nurse upon his or her return to school. The school nurse will:
    • Re-evaluate the athlete utilizing a graded symptom checklist.
    • Notify the student's guidance counselor and teachers immediately and include an individualized health care plan as needed.
    • Notify the student's physical education teacher immediately that the athlete is restricted from all physical activity until further notice.
    • If the school nurse receives notification from someone other that the ATC (parent, athlete, physician note) that the student has sustained a concussion, the ATC should be notified as soon as possible.
    • Monitor the athlete on a regular basis during the school day.
  2. Responsibilities of the students' school counselor
    • Monitor the student athlete closely and recommend appropriate academic accommodations to the student athlete's teachers.
    • Communicate any changes made to the student athlete's individual education plan to the school nurse.