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Gifted Education

Welcome to the Gifted Education page. The District offers a comprehensive Gifted program for students at all levels.

Penfield Central School Board Policy

The Board encourages educational programs which challenge and promote the realization of individual potential in all students. The Board also recognizes that it is necessary to allocate resources in a cost-effective manner toward such programs. 
The Board believes that programs for the gifted and talented, addressing both academic and affective needs, greatly benefit the entire school program and encourages programs that provide enrichment opportunities for all students where appropriate.
The Board also recognizes the value of community support for program success and encourages the use of community resources as appropriate.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Penfield Central School District states that “we are all learners who work collaboratively in an environment of educational excellence, providing experiences that develop the individual and diverse talents and abilities of all our students to prepare them for successful lives as life-long scholars and contributing, responsible citizens.”

In keeping with this mission, the Gifted Education Department offers comprehensive, collaborative programs and services to maximize the effectiveness of reaching all learners through appropriately challenging learning opportunities based on interest, readiness and learning profile.

Programming and services are based on the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) developed by Joseph Renzulli;  the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Programming Standards; and the RtI Model.

Gifted Education Department Guiding Principles

  • We attend to the needs of high-ability learners.
  • We make enriched learning experiences available to a broad and diverse spectrum of students.
  • Through collaboration with other adults in the education community, including parents, we share our expertise and utilize the expertise of others.

Goals for Penfield Central School District Gifted Education and Enrichment Programming – Enhancing and Extending Regular Education Services based on Student Need

1.  To support the district goal of increasing student achievement for all students by providing support for all, including sharing expertise in meeting needs of students who meet or exceed standards

2.  To support the district goal to build partnerships for learning that build communication and connections to community through arranging and supporting programs and services from outside of the immediate school community

3.  To support the district’s fiscal responsibility goal of maximizing achievement and sustaining effective programming through transparent efforts that focus on meeting the needs of students as efficiently and effectively as possible

4.  To support the district’s Essential Questions:

  • What is it we want all students to learn?
  • How will we know when each student has learned it?
  • What happens when a student doesn’t learn it?

Guide For the Gifted Education